How it Works

7 Simple Steps:
How our Nanny Placement Process Works

1. Fill Out Our Family Form

• Please submit our Family Form. This form gives us a clear understanding of your family dynamic, what you expect from your soon-to-be nanny, and what you’re looking for in a nanny.

2. Discuss Your Family Form

• We will go over your detailed family form together to find out what you need and expect from your ideal nanny and from the agency.

3. Personally Meet & Interview Each Nanny

• We look through our nanny database to see if we already have any candidates for you
• If not, we scout out your right-fit nanny
• Conduct a phone interview with all potential nannies
• Conduct an in-person interview with all potential nannies.

4. Check Nanny’s Credentials

• Extensive Background, Driving, & Sex Offender Check
• Reference Verification

5. Supply you with several nanny candidates

• We will e-mail you all nanny candidates that match your family/salary needs

Nanny Candidate Profiles Include: Highlights of the nanny’s childcare experiences, brief bio, what the nanny can offer your family, and references which have already been verified.

6. Choose your Nanny!

• We will arrange in-person interviews so you can meet your nanny candidates
• Once you make your decision, we will run a thorough background check prior to placement. Then we will all meet to sign a one-year contract. The contract is between you and the nanny.

7. Time for a Check-Up

• We will check in with you within 30 days to make sure that you are happy with the candidate you chose.